Today, I have decided to change my pen name. I no longer want to be known as The Lonely Wonderland, because that is not the person I have become. When I started writing, my mind was in a dark place. Although I was able to create beautiful work even from my darkest thoughts, I have recently found a new light in a path to self discovery, self love, enlightenment and pure love in general. I have learned to awaken my soul. In a matter of just three short weeks, I have already turned my poetry around into a beautiful new wonderland of my own. No longer is it lonely, but it is filled with love and hope. My new wonderland is my home. I will never forget what I have been through in the past, and I will never live in regret. I am thankful for all of my trials and mishaps, because I have finally found the reasoning behind it all. Sometimes, you need to trudge through the rain, to get to the rainbow. You need to find the strength to keep shining even on the darkest of days. Which brings me to my new pen name. Luna Lynn. The moon is my light and my inspiration, always. I have always admired her for continuing to shine through the darkest of nights. I see the moon in myself. No matter what, I have always carried with me even one tiny star of hope. Hope has led me to my awakening. Never give up, and never stop believing that you will find your true self, and the light of love. The other half of my pen name is dedicated to my dear sister, my twin who sadly could not make it into this world. Her name was Jamie Lynn. She is still with me, guiding me through each day, giving me her strength. Her soul is a part of me. And as I have recently discovered this truth, I am now living life for the both of us. Carrying on her legacy, as a beautiful superhuman. My moon will always guide me, as will my sister. Bless you all for taking the time to read my message. This is for you, Jamie Lynn. ❤superhuman